Are You Eligible for Legal Aid

Are You Eligible for Legal Aid

Jun 04

Legal assistance can be very expensive, especially for low-income persons and families. The good news is that there are organizations and foundations that offer aid and a range of legal services.

Services Offered

Low-income persons benefit from legal services such as representation by a lawyer, community legal clinics, summary legal advice, referral and information, duty council, as well as toll-free telephone service. Legal assistance is also offered to persons experiencing domestic violence. The court’s staff and the legal aid duty counsel lawyer also offer assistance to persons who are charged with a crime.aid


If you are eligible for legal aid under a contribution agreement, then you have to cover a portion of the costs. There are different ways to find financing, one being a loan by a family member or friend. If you just need a small amount, you can ask your employer for a pay advance or you can apply for a small loan through a payday lender. For a list of lenders click here. If you have poor or fair credit, there are other alternatives to consider, including a secured credit card whereby you deposit a certain amount to serve as collateral. Using a credit card is also a good way to build credit with time provided that you make timely payments. If you qualify for free legal assistance, then you’ll have the full amount covered. In this case, you need to take and pass a financial test to determine whether you are eligible. You will be asked about your gross income, including salaried income and additional sources. The minimum income requirement is lower for single boarders.

Eligibility and Application

Eligibility is based on income level, and there are different thresholds depending on the number of family members in your household. One option is to apply through a certificate program and benefit from free legal assistance. The program will pay the costs of hiring a member of the private bar or an attorney to represent you in court. There are eligibility criteria to meet as well, including financial eligibility guidelines. Persons who own real estate or have some income may be entitled to get assistance under a contribution agreement. Assistance is usually offered in the form of a legal aid certificate whereby an attorney agrees to represent you in court for a pre-agreed number of hours. If you qualify under a contribution agreement, then you may be required to make monthly payments. This depends on your gross annual income. In case that you meet the eligibility criteria for legal aid, there is a range of services available, including family law services and community legal clinics. Customers are offered a number of family law services, including family duty council, law offices and service centers, information programs, mediation, and summary legal advice. Free advice and assistance are offered to persons dealing with complicated family matters. Assistance is available in court with a variety of matters, including child support and custody.

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